Factory Advantage

20-years professional Hydraulic hose fitting manufacturer

● ISO 9001 management system certification, TUV certification.

● Own complete hydraulic hose fitting&adapter production line.

● High quality control

● 10 groups of imported CNC machine production line

● 300 groups of CNC machine production line

● 6 groups of Taiwan cold header machine

● 8 groups of Automatic-CNC production line

● Rich inventory

Focus on product quality

● All products have high quality control

● 100% produced by CNC machine

● Better Zinc Plating

Excellent customer service

● Offer free samples.

● Technical Drawing or data support.

● Quick quotation within 24hours.

● All terms of payments and logistics are accepted.

Technical strength

● Own independent R&D Dept.

● With 3D modeling capability.

● OEM accepted.