DKO Hydraulic Fittings

DKO hydraulic fittings are end fittings designed to connect high-pressure hoses with other hydraulic units and mechanisms. DKO fittings all with metric threand and can be used with both high-pressure hoses and hydraulic tubing. Tubing, hoses, and spigots all require quality fittings.  DKO fittings are used wherever there is powerful machinery with a hydraulic drive.

Visually, the product is a cylindrical hollow tube with metric male thread on both sides and a hexagonal insert for easy screwing by means of a wrench.

The DKO series with a 24 degree  taper sealing cone and metric thread, manufactured according to the German standard DIN 2353 , is divided into two types: DKOL – light series and DKOS – heavy series. Their characteristics depend on the characteristics of the transported substance and the operation of the hoses.

Heavy series fittings DKOS similar to DKOL, but have a smaller diameter of nominal passage, a thicker wall and can be used in systems with high working pressure, with differential pressure and difficult operating conditions. It is also necessary to consider the difference in seating cones (diameter of the tube – diameter of the tip of the nipple) fittings light and heavy series. DKOL light series and DKOS heavy series fittings are not interchangeable!

The advantages of this type of fittings include long service life due to the manufacturing materials with low susceptibility to corrosion phenomena and high strength due to the constant fluid pressure. Alloyed, high-alloyed and stainless steel materials are used as a manufacturing material.

DKOS fittings are available as a nipple with a captive nut, and as a nipple with metric male thread and a reverse sealing cone 24 degree, the cone sealing MBS ring. Differentiate between fittings also by the angle performance – stright, 45 Degree and 90 degrees.

Sophisticated design, a variety of geometric dimensions allow for fast and convenient installation work. Agricultural machinery, road-building machines, excavators, special equipment, lifting and transport equipment, machines, production lines – all of them need this compact and responsible product.

Post time: Jul-07-2022